Reflections on the rout

“Take a deep breath….everything will be okay.” This is something I find myself saying to my kids, who live so in the moment, that anything upsetting right now, might seem to them like it could last forever. Of course, usually within about 10 minutes they have completely forgotten about it and are happily playing again. But … More Reflections on the rout

EM: Update on Troubled Three and currency weakness

A quick update to the post from a little under a month ago on the Troubled Three – Brazil, Turkey and South Africa (here). At the time I argued that the fundamentals suggested a further weakening in these currencies, and that from a trading perspective, the momentum was supportive. Over the past month an equal-weighted basket … More EM: Update on Troubled Three and currency weakness

BoE: “super Thursday” and inflation overshooting

The BoE’s first “super Thursday” has come and gone, with most of the commentary since suggesting it wasn’t quite so super after all. But I actually thought there was a lot of important messages from the press conference and supporting materials. I will go through my key takeaways below, but I thought it was first worth … More BoE: “super Thursday” and inflation overshooting